Our company established at Ankara Sincan 1.Organized Industrial Zone within 5000m² indoor area manufactures carriage and transfer belt conveyors’ spare parts (with/without bands) like Rollers (Carrier, Impact, Return, Flat and Tapered polyamide, Locked/One Way Turn, Helix Disc Cleaning, Cone Polyamide Head orientation/Self Centralising, Guide, Rubber Coated, Garland); Drums (Drive, Tail, Tension and Deflection, Elevator, Rod Cleaning, with Ceramic or Rubber Coated); Clamps, Roller Installation Stations, Station/Trapeze, Bearing Housing, Rubber Discs (Impact, Return, Helix, Flat), Brushers, Belt Sweeper, Bucket and Chain, Scrapers. It performs since 1997 when our company was established for sales of such products to mining companies, thermal power plants, factories such as cement, sugar and fertilizer as well as to quarries, stone crushing facilities, engineering companies with increasing quality. Manufacturing is being performed according to projects of customers, and sold in domestic and international market by providing serial production according to DIN 22107-22112 Norm standards, and according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001, IEP 13 ATEX 0158X Quality standards. Rollers we are producing provide 100% impermeability system against water and dust with nitrile rubber seals, of which patent is the property of our company and we have increased the lifecycle of the roll double by using this sealing.