Ankara, the capital of Turkey, has been taking strides forward toward becoming the capital of the industry as well. Today Ankara Chamber of Industry, the 1st Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB) , established in 1990 is ranked as the 5th largest Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey and hosts over 270 factories operating in different industries including furniture, casting, foodstuffs, electricity, electronics, machines, aluminum, textiles, agricultural equipment, defense industry, chemicals and metalwork.

In 2017 the factories located in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone employed more than 35,000 people to generate a combined annual output of USD 6 Billion. Approximately one third of this aggregate output, USD 2 Billion came from overseas sales and this figure alone shows the level of global competitive power possessed by the tenants of AOIC 1st Industrial Zone.

​The Management Board of the Industrial Zone puts special emphasis on supporting their members’ export activities. Accordingly, several special purpose projects like Construction and Mining Machinery Cluster have been initiated by the Industrial Zone Management to help their members grow their presence abroad.