UTEST is the leading manufacturer and supplier of testing equipment for construction materials in Turkey, became a well-known and trusted company Worldwide. More than 100 experts and qualified personnel are employed undertaking the production activity in a 12000 m2 closed area in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone, Ankara. UTEST is exporting its products to more than 60 countries by offering its services through its authorized distributors and representatives.

UTEST offers its services by giving priority to customer satisfaction in the design, manufacturing and supply of testing devices in conformity with the international quality standards. UTEST also designs special testing systems and devices to be used in quality control and R&D activities alongside its mass production line. All UTEST products are tested to guarantee quality, reliability and performance, backed by the international standards and warranties. As part of its clients’ product investment UTEST provides a substantial after-sales services. Years of experience, a proven track record, carefully managed and audited quality system are in place to meet customer requirements. Within its high technology Quality Control and Calibration Laboratory all products are tested in each step throughout the production, and calibrated before leaving the factory.

UTEST frequently cooperates with the construction companies that carry out worldwide projects, private laboratories, universities and state institutions such as mineral research and exploration, road and highways, environment and city planning or hydraulics, irrigation and hydrology departments.

Contact Information


ADDRESS: URAL CAD. NO:18, OSB – Sincan / Ankara
06935 Türkiye

PHONE: +90 312 394 38 75 / FAX: +90 312 394 38 77

WEBSITE: www.utest.com.tr / E-MAIL: ayhancan@utest.com.tr

CONTACT: Mr. AYHAN CAN / Company Partner